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T's & C's

All bookings are bound by the following terms. 

Bookings & Payments

Bookings are Subject to a non refundable booking deposit. Bookings are not guaranteed by Dean Rossiter Photography until the booking fee has been recieved in full.

The outstanding Balance minus the booking deposit is due on receipt of the images

Cancellations & Cancelation fees

Cancellations made by us will result in any and all monies paid to Dean Rossiter Photography being refunded in full to the booking client. 

Cancellations made by the client within 30 days of the booking will result in any fees paid to Dean Rossiter Photography being retained in full as a booking cancelation fee. 


Dean Rossiter Photography retains all rights, titles and interests in and to all the images, including but not limited to the copyright under the U.K Designs and Patents Act 1988

This agreement does not transfer ownership of any copyright and the client acknowledges that the photographer is the sole owner of the images.

Permitted uses

The Client is permitted to use the images for the following purposes:

Commercial use, including but not limited to marketing, advertising social media and website use. 


Clients agree not to:

Claim ownership or authorship of the images, SELL, LICENSE or DISTRIBUTE images to any third party wihout the photographers prior written consent, ALTER, EDIT, or MODIFY, the images in a way that misrepresents the work of the photographer.

Credit & Attribution

When reasonably possible, the client agrees to credit the photographer when the images are used publicly such as online publications, social media or physical print. The credit should be in the following format 'Photo by Dean Rossiter'


The Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Photographer(s) from any claims, damages, liabilities and expenses arising from the Clients use of the images.

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